TATA Capital


~Indian Growth Investment~

Tata Capital Growth Fund
Fund Size: $240M
Establishment: 2010

Tata Capital Growth Fund Ⅱ
Fund Size: $180M
Establishment: 2018

  • Investment Strategy
    • Investments in a business that is expected to grow significantly in the Indian market, which is expected to grow over the medium to long term, due to the increasing concentration of population in large cities.
  • The Tata Group, our partner in India, is one of the three largest conglomerates in India, and is India’s No. 1 brand with a history of more than 150 years since its establishment in 1868.


China Merchants Group(招商局集団)


~China Growth Investment~

CMH Growth Fund
Fund Size: $93M
Establishment: 2015

  • Investment Strategy
    • Investments in businesses that are expected to grow in the Chinese market, particularly in urban areas. – In particular, the Greater Bay Area, which consists of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau, is one of China Merchants Group’s key areas for investment, as it is the home of the Group’s operations.
  • The Chinese partner, China Merchants Group, is one of the largest state-owned companies in China, founded 150 years ago by Qing Dynasty’s Li Hongzhang and developed mainly mainly in the land and sea transportation industry.




~China  VC Investment~

  • Chinese partner, Cybernaut, is a leading GP with USD 30 billion in assets under management, managing over 100 funds in China.
  • Min Zhu, Founder & Chairman of Cybernaut, was a founder of WebEx, Inc. in the U.S. and a leading figure in the Chinese venture industry.
  • Matt Wang, current CEO, holds a PhD in computer science from the U.S. and has served as the head of IBM’s China lab.
  • Cybernaut has partnered with Zhejiang University to operate a joint innovation center, 40% of China’s unicorn companies are founded by Zhejiang University graduates, and the CEO of Cybernaut and the current president of Zhejiang University are classmates.




European Clean Tech VC Investment

Nordic ESG and Impact Fund  1st Fund
Fund Size: $40M
Establishment: 2021

Nordic Net Zero Fund  2nd Fund

Fund Size (Target): $200M (Fund raising)
Establishment: 2023

  • Investment Strategy
    • Investments in clean tech companies and renewable energy in the Nordics, Europe and the US, with a focus on Norway, a region at the forefront of carbon neutral efforts
  • European partner Greenlight is a UN PRI signatory and GP with offices in Oslo, Norway, Luxembourg, and New York specializing in SDG investments.
  • Norway is a leading cleantech country, with almost all of its own electricity coming from hydroelectric power, and the government has introduced a climate budget in the capital city of Oslo. Taking advantage of the co-investment and subsidy system in Europe, an environmentally advanced country, the Fund provides full support to the Fund’s investees through co-investment or subsidies provided by government agencies.




~African VC Investment~

Africa Healthcare Fund 1st Fund
Fund Size: $50M
Establishment: 2017

Africa Innovation & Healthcare Fund 2nd Fund
Fund Size (Target): $200M (Fund raising)
Establishment: 2022

  • Investment Strategy
    • Investment themes are healthcare-related areas, which are the biggest challenges and growth areas in Africa, and DX-related areas (finance, mobility, EdTech, etc.)
  • Proactively utilize technology and know-how of Japanese companies to solve social problems and realize sustainable business.
  • The African partner is AAIC, which has an office in Nairobi, Kenya, and established Japan’s first Africa-dedicated fund in 2014, with a Japanese advisor with over 50 years of experience in African business.