TATA Capital


~Indian Growth Investment~

Fund N0.1Fund No.2Fund No.3 (currently fundraising)
Fund Size: $240MFund target: $180MFund target: $350M
Establishment: 2010Establishment: 2018Establishment: 2023
  • Indian partner Tata Group is one of the three largest conglomerates in India and has been India’s No.1 brand for over 150 years since its establishment in 1868.
  • The first fund, established in 2010, has returned more than 30% per annum (3x investment multiple) in Indian rupee terms. Ranked among the “Top Quartile” of PE funds for India in 2011 vintage by research firm Preqin
  • As for second fund, NTT DOCOMO and Asian Development Bank joined.
  • The third fund will be managed by the same team and investment strategy to capture India’s economic growth.




~African VC Investment~

Fund No.1Fund No.2 (currently fundraising)
Fund Size: $50MFund target: $200M
Establishment: 2017Establishment: 2022
  • The African partner is AAIC, which has an office in Nairobi, Kenya, and established Japan’s first fund dedicated to Africa in 2014.
  • The first fund, established in 2017, has received investments from 15 Japanese companies and has already made investments in 29 companies, with high investment returns expected. Currently, the second fund is under establishment.
  • The investment theme of the second fund is healthcare-related areas and DX-related areas (finance, mobility, EdTech, etc.), which are the biggest challenges and growth areas in Africa. We will actively utilize the technology and know-how of Japanese companies to solve social problems and realize sustainable businesses.


China Merchants Group(招商局集団)


~China Growth Investment~

Fund N0.1Fund No.2 (currently fundraising)
Fund Size   $100MFund target: $300M
Establishment: 2015Planned Establishment: 2023
  • China Merchants Group is the largest state-owned enterprise in China. Founded 130 years ago by Li Hongzhang of the Qing Dynasty, it is the largest state-owned enterprise in China in terms of total assets and net income.
  • China Merchants Capital is currently ranked in top 10 GPs in China.
  • The first fund, established in 2015, has already invested in seven companies with investments from major Japanese financial institutions. The second fund is currently being established.
  • The Chinese government is planning to develop the Greater Bay Area, which consists of Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong Province, the home of the China Merchants Authority Group.




~China  VC Investment~

Fund: Now accepting applications
Fund goal: $200M

  • Chinese partner Cybernaut is a leading GP with JPY 3 trillion in assets under management, managing more than 100 funds in China, with 20 funds that Cybernaut is primarily involved in managing with annualized returns of more than 30%.
  • Cybernaut’s Founding Chairman is the founder of WebEx, Inc. and a leading figure in China’s venture industry. The current CEO has a PhD in computer science and has served as head of IBM’s China lab.
  • Cybernaut has partnered with Zhejiang University, which is like China’s version of Stanford University, to operate a six-story joint innovation center. 40% of China’s unicorns are founded by Zhejiang University graduates, and Cybernaut’s CEO and the president of Zhejiang University are classmates.




~Silicon Valley VC Investment~

Fund: Now accepting applications
Fund target: $200M
Planned establishment: 2021



Partner +

~Australia VC Investment~

Fund: Now accepting applications
Fund goal: $300M
Planned establishment: 2023




~European Clean Tech VC Investment~

Fund: Now accepting applications
Fund target: $200M
Planned establishment: 2023

  • European partner AVG is a GP that invests in the Norwegian cleantech sector; AVG is a signatory to the United Nations Programme for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and specializes in investing in SDGs
  • AVG currently manages a cleantech fund, in which Japanese business pension funds also invest, and invests in cleantech companies and renewable energy in Scandinavia.
  • Norway is an advanced clean-tech country, with almost all of its electricity generated by hydropower, and the government has introduced a climate budget in Oslo, the capital. Taking advantage of the co-investment and subsidy system in Europe, which is an environmentally advanced country, the Fund will provide full support to the Fund’s investees through co-investment and subsidies by government agencies.




~Israel Tech VC Investmet~

Fund: Now accepting applications
Fund target: $100M
Establishment: 2022

  • Israeli partner GiTV has offices in Israel and Japan, and has developed an extensive network in the Israeli VC industry. Local partner Yonatan Beck has access to the VC ecosystem, having previously worked as a lawyer and handled M&A and IPOs for startups.
  • Currently running a VC firm specializing in digital technologies (IoT, AI, robotics, etc.). Also collaborating with Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)
  • While there are many start-up companies with unique technologies in Israel, they often specialize in R&D and do not have mass production facilities or a global sales network. Therefore, we actively utilize the technologies and know-how of Japanese companies to support globalization and mass production