Allegis Capital, Leading Silicon Valley VC, Becomes a Strategic Partner of New Frontier Capital Management International Venture Firm Catalyzes Growth of Startups through the Global Network of New Frontier Capital

August 5, 2021
Source: Allegis Capital & New Frontier Capital Management International

PALO ALTO, CA & TOKYO, JAPAN–(July 30, 2021) – Allegis Capital, a prominent Silicon Valley VC, and New Frontier Capital Management International (“NFCM”), a leading Asian GP, have jointly announced today that they have signed an MOU to become strategic partners.

With this new strategic partnership, Allegis and NFCM will promote cross-border collaboration, such as business alliances and M&A between Silicon Valley startups holding world-class technologies and Japanese and multinational corporations seeking to further global innovation.

NFCM will provide business matching, corporate alliance, joint R&D, M&A and other business opportunities to startup companies invested by Allegis Capital by introducing and connecting the startups to global corporations with a special focus on Japanese corporations.

NFCM will also support the development and commercialization of the technologies of Allegis startups by connecting the startups to global universities and institutions such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), University of Melbourne, Zhejiang University, Russia Skolkovo and Kenya Investment Authority.

In addition, together with its global fund partners such as Tata Capital, China Merchants Group and Da Vinci Capital, NFCM will unlock opportunities for Allegis startups for financing and global market entry into international markets such as Japan, India, China, Australia, Russia and Africa.

“The strategic partnership with NFCM represents the opportunity for us to aide our portfolio companies to expand their strategic plans internationally. We also hope that this partnership will evolve over time into a larger strategic partnership.” said Spencer Tall, Allegis Capital Managing Director.

“The Allegis-NFCM partnership is a powerful combination, especially in today’s digital era. Allegis is a member of inner circle of Silicon Valley and has proprietary access to cutting-edge technology and business models in Silicon Valley. NFCM has the network of Japanese corporations, international funds and global universities seeking for the next-generation innovation,” said Shigeki Usuki, NFCM CEO. “The geographic strengths, North America for Allegis and Asia Pacific for NFCM, also complements the significance of our strategic partnership.”

About Allegis Capital
Based in Silicon Valley and Maryland, Allegis Capital has pioneered an integrated cybersecurity investment platform spanning seed to early-growth cybersecurity companies. It is the first VC focused exclusively on cybersecurity and data science and has been investing in cybersecurity for more than 15 years in the U.S and select international markets. The Allegis Capital team is replete with VC and startup entrepreneurial veterans. The team has been described in industry press as the “Cyber’s Money Men” for its domain expertise and position. Current Allegis Capital investments include Area 1 Security, Callsign, CyberGRX, Dragos, SafeGuard Cyber, Shape Security, Signifyd, Source Defense, Synack, and vArmour. For more information, please visit www.allegiscyber.com

About New Frontier Capital Management International NFCM is based in Japan with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Through NFCM Hong Kong, NFCM co-invests in global GPs and jointly manages global VC and PE funds such as CMH Growth Fund, a China PE growth fund with China Merchants Group, and Tata Capital Growth Fund, an Indian PE fund with Tata Capital as well as global VC funds such as Cybernaut New Frontier Venture Fund (China VC), AI Human (Australia VC) and Africa Healthcare Fund (Africa VC).
In addition to NFCM’s corporate network of Japanese and global corporations, NFCM Hong Kong has a global network of innovation and has signed agreements relating to the promotion of innovation with top-tier academia and government institutions including the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Hyderabad, University of Melbourne, Skolkovo Foundation (Russia), Zhejiang University (China) and Kenya Investment Authority. For more information, please visit www.nfcapital.co.jp/en/



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