Signing of MOU with the University of Melbourne and InterValley Ventures Pty

New Frontier Capital Management Hong Kong held the signing ceremony for MOU regarding the innovation venture development with the University of Melbourne and our Australian fund partner InterValley Ventures Pty in a hotel in Tokyo.

Mr. Ben-Mier, Vice Principal of Enterprise of the University of Melbourne, Mr. Hosoya, CEO of InterValley Ventures Pty, and Mr. Usuki, CEO of NFCM Hong Kong attended the ceremony.

Australia has a wealth of talented researchers and entrepreneurs backed by high educational standards.
The Australian government has established a support mechanism for venture companies such as the “Accelerator Commercialization Program” and actively supports venture companies in the country.

In addition, innovation has been promoted by changes in the mind of the younger generation that has fostered entrepreneurship.
For example, world-class inventions such as WiFi, Google Map, and pacemakers have been born from the country.

The University of Melbourne, where Mr. Ben-Mier is Vice Principal of Enterprise, is focusing on creating innovation for venture companies through the private accelerator program “MAP” (Melbourne Accelerator Program) established by him and the fund operated by the university.

By MOU with the University of Melbourne, we will continue to build a global ecosystem that connects research institutions in Japan and overseas.


MOU Signing, NFCM Usuki CEO(right)

MOU Signing Ceremony Photo, Mr. Ben-Mier(left),
NFCM Usuki CEO(in the middle)and Mr. Hosoya(right)



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